• Animated Gif to LWP
  • Autocrop Gif to Icon
  • Quick and Easy
  • Settings Screen
  • Supports all Animated Gifs
  • Most Popular
  • 256x256 or 512x512 texture to cube
  • Texture doubles as App Icon
  • Tons of settings to customize
  • Realistic Fire flames using OpenGL
  • Touch screen to make fireball explosions.
  • Lots of Settings to Customize
  • Settings to Change Color of flames
  • Video Formats .mp4, .avi, 3gpp
  • Upto 15 MB File Size
  • Create Live Wallpapers from mp4 video on the fly.
  • Floating Glitter Particles on Screen
  • Slide finger to make Trails of Glitter
  • Ability to change Color of Glitter
  • Frequency of Glitter Effects.
  • Choose Background Image
  • Upload 512x512 Clock Png
  • Choose Between Cracked screen overy or strandard image
  • Touch screen to unlock "lock theme" application
  • Use "SETTINGS", "FACEBOOK", "GMAIL" while in "Lock Screen" mode
  • Digital Clock time display in "Lock screen mode"
  • Use jpeg/png/gif images.... you choose!
  • Preffered image size is 480x800 (Portraid Mode)
  • Choose between your stock zipper image sequence, or choose to add your own PNG or JPEG stock zipper image for variety.
  • Image size for this is 480x800 for best size
  • Touch Home Screen with your finger to unzip your smart phone
  • Quick and Easy
  • Choose any image of your choice for Water Ripple effect
  • Best image size is 512x1024 in png or jpeg
  • Touch Screen with finger for awesome live motion Ripple Effect
  • Settings option for size and speed of Ripples
  • Instant Screen shots for Android App upload into APP Store
  • Integrate Adnetwork of your Choice for Instant Revenue
  • Choose any background image of your choice for Lightning and Rain effects
  • Best image size is 512x1024 png or jpg
  • Touch screen with finger for awesome live motion rain ad lightning effects
  • Settings option for size and speed of the Lightning
  • Option automatic ad properly sized screen shots to place in the Google Play Store
  • Integrate an option of several Adnetworks of your choice for instant revenue

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